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Support with breast cancer

Several groups or organisations are available to support women who've been diagnosed with breast cancer. They include the Breast Cancer Foundation and The Cancer Society.

The Breast Cancer Foundation has released an app called Mybc that links you to an online support community. Through Mybc you can share questions and stories with others, chat privately with a breast nurse, track your progress, and keep track of appointments and medical reminders, plus get access to reliable medical information.

Canterbury has breast care nurses who coordinate the care of women with breast conditions. They also provide education and psychological support, and help you to manage any wounds after surgery. They can be a first point of contact for you and your family while you're being treated for breast cancer.

If you're being treated at Christchurch Hospital, you can phone the breast care nurses on (03) 364‑1804, from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursday and 8 am to 12 noon Friday.

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