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Mental wellbeing

Keeping mentally well all starts with taking care of yourself. Many things that stress your body, can also drain you mentally. They can reduce your sense of satisfaction and leave you with a feeling that everything is too much hard work.

Start by making sure you are getting enough sleep, are eating and drinking well, and are physically active.

Just as your body needs nourishment to be healthy, your mind needs the right nourishment to be well. Looking after your mental wellbeing helps to make you more resilient and able to manage stress, improve your mood, and make you feel more satisfied with and enthusiastic about life.

Focusing on the three areas of self-belief, leisure and social life, and spirituality or taha wairua can help you to keep mentally well.

Self belief

Believing in yourself and your abilities builds your mental wellbeing. There are some things you can consciously do to help boost your self-belief.

Leisure and social life

Make sure you have enough time for leisure, fun and socialising. Spending time doing things simply for pleasure, whether alone or with others, can help you to be positive about life.

Things you might like to do include:

If you need to get activity back into your life, these activation tips from the Centre for Clinical Interventions can help to get you going. And the fun activities catalogue can give you ideas for fun things to do.

Spirituality (taha wairua)

Māori culture recognises that spirituality plays an important part in good health. For many New Zealanders – not just Māori – this is an important part of mental wellbeing.

Recognising and caring for your spirituality, or inner world, can involve many different approaches and belief systems. It may mean pursuing a life of meaning and purpose, it may mean exploring your faith, it may mean feeling connected with something sacred or greater than yourself. It may simply mean taking notice of what is around you and being grateful for what you have.

Spiritual practices that can support or improve your mental wellbeing can include:

The links below also offer tips and advice to help you relax, improve your mood, manage stress and take care of your mental wellbeing.

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