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Virtual consultations

A virtual consultation is when you have clinical contact with a healthcare provider that isn't face to face. This might be over the phone or by video conferencing.

Healthcare providers may also use a combination of methods to support alternatives to face-to-face consultations, These may include text messages and emails.

Not every appointment can be virtual. Your healthcare provider may need to see you face to face so they can examine you.

Equipment needed for a virtual consultation

Your healthcare provider will talk to you about the best and easiest way for you to have a virtual consultation.

For a consultation over the phone, you'll only need a landline or mobile phone. For a video conference, you'll need a mobile phone, tablet or computer with a camera, microphone and speaker. Most mobile phones, tablets and laptops will have what's needed.

Your healthcare provider will give you information about setting the equipment up. They'll tell you if you need to download any apps.

Tips for a successful virtual consultation

See Preparing for your doctor's visit for information about what to think about when preparing for your consultation and what to do during your consultation.

Every healthcare provider will have a different way of doing virtual consultations. Other thing to consider when preparing for your consultation include:

Before the appointment

During the appointment

Things to remember

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