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Videos about heart failure

The following videos should help you understand what heart failure is and how it is treated.

Videos from Heart Failure Matters

The following animated videos explaining heart failure and how it is treated are from Heart Failure Matters. Heart Failure Matters was created by the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology.

Heart Failure Matters contains a lot of useful information about heart failure. But it describes medications and treatments that are available in Europe. The medications and treatments available in New Zealand may be different. See Heart failure for more information about the medications and treatments available locally.

Heart Failure Matters also has information about planning for the end of life. Again, it is important to look at information that is relevant to New Zealand. See Advanced heart failure and Advance care planning for local information.

How the normal heart works

What goes wrong in heart failure

How the heart and body compensate in heart failure

How heart failure causes fluid accumulation

How a heart attack can cause heart failure

How abnormal valves can cause heart failure

How vasodilators work in heart failure

How diuretics work in heart failure

How medical devices work in heart failure

Videos from

See Heart failure videos for videos of people talking about their experiences with heart failure. The videos are on the Oxford University website

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