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Vaginal dryness


See your general practice team if:

Dryness in your vagina is a common symptom that affects most women at some time.

There are several possible causes for vaginal dryness. It can be improved with treatment.

Symptoms of vaginal dryness

Causes of vaginal dryness

You may get vaginal dryness if you have a change in your hormone levels, which can reduce how much vaginal discharge or fluid you have. This can happen if you:

You can also get vaginal dryness if you:

Self-care for vaginal dryness


Clothes and Laundry

Toileting and menstruation

Vaginal moisturisers

Sex and self-care

Hair removal

Getting help with vaginal dryness

If your symptoms do not get better with self-care, see your general practice team.

If your vaginal dryness is caused by changes in your hormones, your general practice team may prescribe an estrogen cream, gel or pessary.

They may also offer you menopause hormone therapy (MHT) with tablets or patches.

MHT is not suitable for everyone. Discuss it with your general practice team to see if it is an option for you.

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