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Understanding your mid-stream urine (MSU) test results

A mid-stream urine (MSU) test is usually done to check for an infection in your bladder or kidneys.

When collecting the wee (urine), it's important to try to get a clean sample by following the instructions found in this factsheet.

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Next steps

If your urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms have improved, you will not need any further tests.

If you have ongoing symptoms such as pain or increased frequency of going to the toilet, contact your general practice team for advice. There may another cause for your symptoms.

If you have Leukocytes (WBC) in your urine but no growth from the urine culture, you may need to be checked for a sexually transmitted disease (STI).

If you continue to have blood in your wee (haematuria) after your infection has gone away, contact your general practice team as you may need further tests.

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