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Toilet frames & surrounds

Ngā tapanga heketua

An over-toilet frame makes getting on and off the toilet both easier and safer. It raises the toilet seat height and has armrests, which are an alternative to rails.

The over-toilet frame has four adjustable legs, a plastic toilet seat, a splash guard and armrests. The legs are adjustable in 2.5 cm steps.

In case the floor isn't level, one of the legs has extra adjustment holes every 1.25 cm. These can help to stop the frame wobbling.

Installing an over-toilet frame

Cleaning and maintaining a toilet frame

An over-toilet frame is in constant contact with moisture and body fluids. You'll need to clean it as regularly as you clean your toilet. Use warm soapy water or regular household cleaner and remove the splash guard for a good clean.

Toilet surrounds

A toilet surround is a U-shaped piece of equipment that you can use to make it easier and safer to use the toilet. It provides you with armrests to support you as you get on and off the toilet. It's an alternative to putting rails by your toilet.

A toilet surround doesn't have a seat attached to it. Usually, the surround is supplied with its legs adjusted to the shortest length so you can fit it in a car more easily.

Installing a toilet surround

When you get it home, you'll need to adjust the legs.

If you need more information about how to use a toilet frame or surround safely, contact your retail supplier or an occupational therapist.

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