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Tips for managing memory loss

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Mild memory loss is very common as people get older. But it can be very frustrating.

You can do several things to make life easier. You can change your environment or the way you do things. We call these changes "external strategies". You can also change the way you think about things you have to remember. We call these changes "internal strategies".

External strategies to manage memory loss

Everyday life

Memory aids

Internal strategies to manage memory loss

Don't try too hard to think of the right word or piece of information – it will often pop into your head once you stop trying. Try not to be embarrassed if you forget something.

We all need help at times and other people are usually happy to be asked. Talk to family and friends about how they can support you. You might find it useful to print out the cue cards listed below and place them around your home in places that will remind you what you need to do.

An occupational therapist may be able to help you work out strategies and use memory aids. You can search for an occupational therapist on the Occupational Therapy New Zealand website.

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