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Tests for nervous system problems

If you have problems with your brain or nerves (your nervous system), several different tests can help doctors work out what is causing them.

EEG (electroencephalogram)

An EEG records the patterns of electrical activity from your brain. It's used to help diagnose the cause of seizures and other conditions.

It's a painless test, during which sensors attached to your head record your brain's electrical activity.

Long-term video and EEG monitoring

With long-term video and EEG monitoring, you're monitored in two ways:

If you have a turn during the monitoring period, doctors can view the EEG and video recordings to help work out the cause of your problem and how best to treat it.

Evoked potentials

Evoked potential tests measure the electrical signals in your nervous system in response to stimulation. There are several types of evoked potential tests, including:

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