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Healthier takeaway tips

Ngā tohu iti o ngā kai kawe

Takeaways are an easy option after a long, hard day at work. But most takeaways are not very healthy and can be high in fat and salt.

Have takeaways less than once a week.

Healthy takeaway options

Make takeaway alternatives at home

You can make alternatives to takeaways at home that are quicker and cost less than buying them.

Fried chicken takeaways cost about $30 for a family meal. For just $15 you can get a cooked chicken and salad from the supermarket. For more tasty, quick and low-cost meal ideas from the supermarket see Supermarket = Super Takeaways from Community and Public Health.

Try these Easy takeaway recipes from My Family Food for fast low-cost takeaway alternatives you can make at home.

Traditional takeaways

If you are going to have traditional takeaways, use the following tips to help you choose a healthier option. Have them less than once a week.


Tips for a healthier option


  • Choose stir-fries with steamed rice, steamed fish or hot soups.
  • Swap fried rice for steamed rice.
  • Steer clear of deep-fried and sweet and sour dishes.

Fish and chips

  • Fish and chip shops vary. Look for those that serve grilled, crumbed fish and thick, straight fries.
  • Ask for no salt or salt sachets instead of having salt put on your order.


  • Stick to rice, dhal, and meat or fish cooked Tandoori-style. Curries that are tomato or yoghurt-based are also OK.
  • Avoid dishes with coconut cream, cream, ghee or anything deep-fried such as samosas, bhajis and pakoras. They tend to be high in unhealthy fats.


  • Choose thin and crispy bases rather than thick or cheesy-filled types.
  • Ditch the meat lovers pizza and go for a topping with vegetables.
  • Don't have garlic bread as well. Have a salad instead.
  • Order one pizza between four unless it's very small. Don't order an extra-large size unless there are a lot of people.


  • Choose stir-fries with rice or chicken, beef salads or ingredients on grilled skewers.
  • Keep away from fried finger foods and fried noodles. Also avoid dishes with coconut cream and peanut sauce.

Takeaway traps

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