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Supported activity

Hohenga tautoko

Comcare Trust – Activelinks

Phone: (03) 377-7020

Comcare Trust Activelinks is for people 18 and over who have a mental illness or addiction issue.

Services available:

Emerge Aotearoa – Activity Based Experience

Phone: (03) 371-5599

Emerge Aotearoa Activity Based Experience is for people 18 and over who have a mental health or addiction issue. You must also be willing to participate in a goal focused exercise programme or activity. Goals may be to increase wellbeing or lose weight. Also, to gain fitness, confidence or health.

Services available:

Step Ahead Trust

Phone: 0800‑688‑732

2 locations in Christchurch, 1 in Ashburton and 1 in Rangiora. See Step Ahead locations for details.

Step Ahead is for people aged 18 and over with a mental illness who can attend meetings independently. That means you must have at least a basic level of motivation. You may be helped in your first visit by your community support worker, a whānau (family) member, a friend or another support person. You can attend as often as you like as long as you take part in meaningful activities.

Services available:

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