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Support networks for transgender people

Affirming your gender identity can be a challenging journey. It's common to feel isolated but you aren't alone. There are many local and online support networks. There are also people willing to share their experiences and journeys with you and point you in the right direction or help advocate for you.

Peer support networks can help you with information about clothing, styling, hair removal, safe binding, packing, tucking and padding, social groups and other useful information.


Qtopia provides regular support groups and social events for LGBTQIA+ (rainbow) young people from their central city location at Bizdojo, 4 Ash St, Christchurch Central.

It has a youth group for ages 13 to 18 and a diversity group called Phoenix for ages 18 to 30. It also has a support group for whānau/families with LGBTQIA+ children under 16.

Qtopia also provides diversity and inclusion workshops and community outreach to schools.


Kindred is a Christchurch organisation providing support and social connection for young trans people and their families.

To contact Kindred, email

Transgender & Intersex NZ

Transgender & Intersex NZ is a large online peer group with lots of information and support. Members can direct people to other groups, including region-specific groups and groups for parents.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a cross-cultural and 100% trans led national organisation. It aims to facilitate health and wellbeing for transgender, intersex, and takatāpui populations.


RainbowYOUTH supports young queer and gender diverse (LGBTIQ) people up to the age of 27, as well as their wider communities.


InsideOUT is a national organisation working with youth, whānau, schools and communities. It aims to make Aotearoa a safer place for all young people of minority genders and sexualities to live and be in.


F'INE is a Pasifika LGBTQI focused provider. It provides Whānau Ora navigational services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning and intersex community and their families.

Written by Ko Awatea gender-affirming care co-design group. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created May 2019.


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