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Community support for mental illness during & after pregnancy

Tautoko ā-hapori mō te māuiuitanga hinengaro rā roto me ā muri i te hapūtanga

Plunket Parent and Infant Relationship Service (PPAIRS)

Phone: 027-295-8157

PPAIRS is a relationship-focused service. It helps parents understand the emotional needs of their pēpi (baby) or young tamaiti (child). It does this through recognising the emotional cues of the tamaiti. It also looks at the parents' response to those cues.

Plunket Postnatal Adjustment Programme

Phone: 027-295-8157

The Plunket Postnatal Adjustment Programme is a free short-term service. It provides help coping with parenting and distress or depression after having a pēpi. The programme provides support via an assessment in your home. It also offers follow-up support via home visits or phone.

You can ask your midwife, general practice team or Well Child Tamariki Ora provider for a referral to the programme. Self-referrals are also welcome.

Pregnancy Infancy Parenting Support (PIPS)

Phone: (03) 385-0556

PIPS provides free, non-judgemental, client-focused practical and emotional support during pregnancy and early parenting.

Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury

Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury provides community support groups for mothers and primary caregivers suffering from postnatal depression and associated anxiety disorders.

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