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Support for young parents

Happy teen parents and baby Finding out you are pregnant can make you feel excited, but some people feel overwhelmed. There are lots of people and organisations that can help and support you during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

As soon as you know you're pregnant, you need to choose a lead maternity carer (LMC). This person will be the health professional who looks after you and your baby during your pregnancy and immediately afterwards. Most LMCs are midwives, who are trained health professionals specialising in pregnancy and childbirth.

Sometimes your care may be shared between a midwife and a doctor.

Caring for your mental health

Being pregnant and a new mother can be stressful and make you feel very emotional. During this time your hormones change a lot, and this can affect how you feel. Talk to your midwife or LMC about how you feel, so they can help you. They can also refer you for a free mental health consultation with your GP any time during your pregnancy and for six weeks after your baby is born.

You can also talk directly to your GP if you're worried about your mental health. They can help you find social and lifestyle support, with medication (if you need it), and can refer you to any specialists you may need to see.

Plunket can also support you if you're feeling anxious or depressed about the change from pregnancy to parenthood. You can refer yourself and you can also contact them before your baby is born. You can phone the PlunketLine office for Canterbury on (03) 366‑0765.

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