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Stretches for your ankles & feet

Toronga mō ō whatīanga waewae me waewae

The stretches on this page are ones you can do at home for minor injuries that you do not need to see a health professional for.

You should see a health professional if you aren't getting better within a week of doing these stretches.

Long calf stretch (gastrocnemius)

long calf stretchThis exercise stretches the gastrocnemius muscle in your calf. It can help for heel pain, pain in the ball of your foot, shin pain and if you're recovering from an ankle fracture.

Short calf stretch (soleus)

short calf stretchThis stretch works on the soleus muscle in your calf. It can help with shin pain.

Single leg balance

single leg balanceThis exercise helps to improve your balance. It can help with a sprained ankle and recovering from a broken ankle. If you're doing it to strengthen an injured ankle, you only need to do it with that leg. If you want to improve your balance, you can do it with both legs.





Static isotonic hold

static isotonic holdThis exercise helps to build the strength of your plantar fascia. It can help to ease heel pain.

Repeat this four or five times a day. Once it becomes easy, you can progress to doing one leg at a time.





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