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Social transition

Social transition is when a person changes their gender expression in social situations to better align with their gender identity.

Social transition can include:

Support networks for transgender people and Support networks for young transgender people & their whānau can help you with information about clothing, styling, hair removal, safe binding, packing, tucking and padding, social groups and other useful information.

Changing your name and gender marker in legal identification documents

Naming New Zealand provides information and financial help to transgender, gender diverse and intersex youth to help them update their identity documents to correctly reflect their sex and gender information.

The links below have information about updating your birth certificate, passport, driver licence and the motor vehicle register.

Also see how to change your name and gender marker in your health records.

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Written by Ko Awatea gender-affirming care co-design group. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created May 2019.


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