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Shower stools

Tūru hīrere

A shower stool is specifically designed to sit inside a shower or wet area.

It makes it easier for you if you cannot stand for a long time or you get very short of breath, as you can sit down when having a shower. You can also use the stool outside the shower to get dressed on.

Shower stools come in many different shapes and sizes, designed to fit different people and different shower spaces. A standard shower stool fits best in a cubicle shower. If you have an angled shower or a shower with doors that make getting in and out difficult, there might be less space for a shower stool.

Some shower stools have adjustable legs, and some do not. Stools with adjustable legs tend to tilt forward, as they're slightly higher and angled at the back.

Make sure you know what the options are. Also make sure you know your weight and the weight limit of any stool you're considering.

Do not use a plastic outdoor chair in your shower, as the plastic in these chairs can soften in the hot water and the chair may give way under you.

Using a shower stool

Things you should not do with a shower stool

Caring for a shower stool

To make the stool last longer, wipe it down regularly, particularly underneath.

Check its condition at least once a month. Check for rust at welds and screw holes, make sure the rubber stoppers aren't worn and check the adjustment buttons are all locked into place.

If you find any wear and tear, ring your occupational therapist or assessor to get it checked.

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