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Self-care for ADHD in adults

Aroreretini i ngā pakeke

Having difficulties with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity can affect many aspects of your life. Self-care techniques can make you more productive, organised and in control of your life.

Get organised and reduce clutter

See Get organised and control clutter (page 1) and Manage your paper trail (page 2) for more ideas.

Manage your time and stay on schedule

See Manage your time and stay on schedule (page 2) for more ideas.

Learn to set priorities

See Prioritise (page 3) and Learn to say no (page 3) for more ideas.

Managing money and bills

See Manage money and bills (page 3) and Put a stop to impulse shopping (page 4) for more ideas.

Stay focused and productive at work

See Stay focused and productive at work (page 4) for more ideas.

Stretch your attention span

For more tips see Stretch your attention span (page 5).

Manage stress and boost your mood

Try mindfulness

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Written by a psychologist at Adult Community Mental Health services, Canterbury DHB. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created August 2021.

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