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Raised toilet seats

A raised toilet seat is an extension that fits on a porcelain toilet bowl and is held in place by brackets. It can make it easier, and safer, to get on and off the toilet.

Raised toilet seats come in different heights – the most common are 2 inches (50 mm), 4 inches (100 mm), and 6 inches (150 mm). The best height for you will depend on your height, the height of your existing toilet, and your personal needs.

Installing a raised toilet seat

A raised toilet seat is clamped directly onto the rim of a toilet bowl. Don't try to attach it to the seat. You may have to remove the original seat and lid to ensure that the raised seat is fitting correctly.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for fitting your seat to your toilet. The front of the raised toilet should sit flush with the front of the ceramic bowl. When a toilet seat is fitted correctly it shouldn't move or wobble. If it does move, the brackets will need to be retightened. Don't use it until it has been properly secured.

Once it is on, you don't need to remove it, except for cleaning. Once you have taken it off for cleaning, make sure it goes back onto the same toilet it was fitted to and ensure the brackets are tight.

Using a raised toilet seat

raised toilet seat

Cleaning and maintaining a raised toilet seat

A raised toilet seat is in constant contact with moisture and body fluids. You need to monitor it carefully for any signs of wear and tear. Check its condition, and how well it is fitting, at least once a month.

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