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Pump feeding videos

The following pumps are commonly used for tube feeding in Canterbury.

Links to training videos

FreeGo pump

This page has links to 11 videos. The most useful videos to watch are 3 (The giving set), 5 (Loading and priming), 6 (Controls and functions) and 9 (Alarms and alerts).

Flocare Infinity pump

The most useful videos to watch are the first two, Setting up the pump and Programming a feed.

Kangaroo Joey pump

The link takes you to a page labelled Covidien. Covidien used to be the supplier of Kangaroo Joey pumps. Covidien has now been taken over by Cardinal Health.

After following the link, you'll need to select your language. Select the second English link. This will give you UK English. The first English link is for US English. To see the video, you'll need to have Adobe Flash installed. If necessary, install it before carrying on. Then select the Kangaroo Joey pump. When you're asked if you want to use your pump in EZ mode, select No.

Follow the instructions on the screen to learn about the pump anatomy, pump operation, and advanced features.

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