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Puāwai – Kai


Puāwai – Kai is a free eight-week healthy lifestyle and cooking programme. It's for people who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

Programmes are run regularly throughout the year and are held during the day or evening in various places in Canterbury. Each weekly session lasts for two hours. There are up to 16 people in a session.

The first three weeks focus on how to make healthy lifestyle changes. This is followed by five weeks of cooking – putting the ideas into action!

Each session ends with sharing kai together.

During the weekly sessions, you'll learn about:

  1. Enjoying a healthy relationship with food and having a routine. Week 1 includes breakfast foods to try.
  2. Filling up with whole foods and making water your friend. In week 2, you get to try curried kumara soup.
  3. Sleeping well, moving, taking care of yourself and eating mindfully. Week 3 focuses on making lunches, so you get to make and enjoy a salad bowl.
  4. How to read a recipe, knife skills and cooking baked potatoes and bean salad.
  5. Knowing what you eat, why home cooking is good for your health, and making pizza.
  6. Cooking eggs, making mini vegetable quiches and making easy coleslaw.
  7. How to turn a simple recipe into many different whānau (family) meals, cooking with legumes and making nachos with salad.
  8. Cooking chickpea and vegetable curry with rice.

For more information, visit the Puāwai – Kai website.

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