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Plunket parenting & pregnancy education

Plunket provides several free pregnancy and parenting services, providing information and skills to help parents through different stages of their child's development.

Pregnancy and Parenting Education

This programme provides information and support to first-time parents, focusing on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting a newborn. It used to be known as antenatal classes.

It's best to enrol as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. You can attend with your partner or another support person, or come on your own.

For more information and to book into a course, visit Plunket's pregnancy and parenting education website.

Parenting Education Programme (PEPE)

This programme consists of five courses, aimed at supporting parents through the changes of becoming a parent and their child's early development.

The courses are designed to build parents' confidence and connect them with other parents and local support and resources.

For more information on what's available in your area, phone Plunket on 022‑192‑7598 or email

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