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Personalised care plans

If you have complicated or long-term health problems, you may benefit from a personalised care plan.

A personalised care plan records your problems or health issues across different areas of your life. For example, managing food and drink, mobility and social connections.

It records what your health priorities are and what your goals are. It also records what you and your care team are doing to help you achieve your goals. Your care team might include your whānau/family, friends, nurses, doctors, pharmacist and others.

Your GP or specialist healthcare team can create or update a personalised care plan for you. Your personalised care plan is stored in your electronic health record. A copy of your plan can be printed if you want to read or share it.

The personalised care plan programme is new and some services aren't using it yet.

Getting more information about care plans

If you think a personalised care plan would be helpful for you or someone else, talk to your GP or specialist healthcare team. For more information about personalised care plans, see this leaflet from the Canterbury Clinical Network. You can also email

If you're frequently admitted to hospital or often need urgent medical attention, you might benefit from an acute plan. Ask your GP or specialist healthcare team about acute plans.

If you want to create a plan for how and where you might receive care at the end of your life, you might want to start a conversation about advance care planning.

Written by the Canterbury Clinical Network Shared Care Planning team. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed June 2021.

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