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Foreign object in the eye

Mea tauiwi ki te karu

eye wash first aidOften, when people get something in their eyes, it flushes out as their eyes water, and they blink.

But if you or someone else has something in your eye and it is not coming out naturally, it's important to deal with it as soon as possible.

Sometimes the eye is very irritated even though you cannot see anything in it. This could be because there is still something in there.

It's common for people working with metal who aren't wearing safety glasses to get small flecks in their eye. But these do not easily come out by themselves and can become embedded.

It's important to always wear safety glasses whenever there is a risk of injury.

How to tell if someone has an object in their eye

If someone has an object in their eye, they may:

Helping someone who has an object in their eye


Do not try to remove an object if it's embedded in any part of the eye.

When to seek medical help immediately

Seek medical help immediately if:

When to seek medical help as soon as possible

Take the person to their general practice team if:

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