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Notifiable diseases & hazard reporting

Notifiable diseases are diseases that your doctor or nurse is required by law to tell the public health authorities about. Examples of notifiable diseases are measles, mumps, whooping cough, and some types of gastroenteritis.

Public health authorities are there to protect the safety and improve the health of the whole community, which means they need to know if someone has a disease that may spread to other people. They may contact you for information they need to help stop the disease from spreading.

Doctors and nurses must also tell public health authorities if you have an injury caused by a hazardous substance. Hazardous substances are things that can explode, corrode, or be toxic to humans. Examples of injuries doctors and nurses have to report include firework injuries, lead poisoning and chemical burns.

The Community and Public Health Department has more information about what happens if you have a disease or injury that has to be reported.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed July 2021.


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