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My Medicines

This page has links to information in other languages.


My Medicines provides information about medicines used in New Zealand. It uses plain language that most New Zealand adults can understand.

My Medicines includes important points to help people make good decisions about taking their medicine. It doesn't include every possible detail because it doesn't want to overload people with information.

If you have questions about your medicine, talk to your pharmacist, practice nurse or GP.

Medication factsheets on HealthInfo has an index of all the medicines on My Medicines. You can also go to and search for your medicine.

My Medicines information in Te Reo Māori

Recently, My Medicines has recognised the need for medicine information in other languages. With the support of the Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand, it has produced Te Reo Māori versions of many commonly used medications. See Medication factsheets in Te Reo Māori for a list of these medications.

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