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Moisturisers (emollients)

Moisturisers are creams, ointments and lotions that add moisture to your skin and soften it. Moisturisers are sometimes called emollients. But strictly speaking, an emollient is the ingredient in a moisturiser that helps soften and smooth your skin.

Moisturisers are mainly used to treat dry skin, and dermatitis (eczema). When being used to treat a skin condition, some moisturisers are available on prescription.

Types of moisturisers

There is no best moisturiser. The best one for you to use will depend on the dryness of your skin, the area of skin involved and what is comfortable and acceptable to you.

Try different products until you find one you like and will use throughout the day.

You may need different moisturisers for different body areas. Some areas of skin may need different moisturisers during flare-ups.

If a moisturiser irritates your skin, try a different product. You may be sensitive to the preservative in the moisturiser used to make it last longer.

How to use moisturisers

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