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Mesenteric adenitis

Pupuhitanga waitinana ā-puku

Mesenteric adenitis is a common cause of tummy pain in tamariki (children). It sometimes follows a viral infection.

It's caused by the glands in the tummy swelling and causing pain.

It usually goes away over a week or two and doesn't cause long-term problems.

Symptoms of mesenteric adenitis

The main symptom is tummy pain, usually in the middle of the tummy or in the lower right side. In some tamariki the pain can be severe, like appendicitis.

Your tamaiti (child) might also have a fever, feel sick (nausea) or have diarrhoea.

Treating mesenteric adenitis

If the pain is mild and your tamaiti is not too unwell, you can look after them at home with simple pain relief medication, rest and fluids.

If your tamaiti has severe pain, pain that is worse when they're moving or ongoing fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, take them to your general practice team to be checked.

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