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Meaning or spirituality (taha wairua)

Another important aspect of mental wellbeing is meaning. Having meaning can give your life direction. It can also give you a sense of your place in the world and offer hope for the future.

Life is a struggle and sometimes it's hard to make sense of it. People who believe in something outside themselves or feel that they have purpose or meaning in life, have a way to make sense of the struggle. This makes them more likely to weather the storms of life.

For some people, this meaning is linked to spirituality (taha wairua in Māori culture). It's different for everyone, and no one can say what gives meaning to another person. Each person needs to work out what gives meaning to their life.

Building meaning

There are ways you can build meaning and support or improve your mental wellbeing.

Activities that can help turn these internal practices into meaningful activities in your life include:

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