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Managing everyday activities

It can often be good for you, both physically and psychologically, to keep doing everyday activities, even if they are challenging. However, if some tasks are just too hard, it's OK to ask for help, or even find ways to get rid of them altogether.

You might like to install handrails or other equipment around your house to make it easier to move around and do things. You can find out more about equipment and equipment suppliers in the section on Disability aids. You might also consider moving to a smaller house, or one that is easier to manage. Enable New Zealand has advice about how to design a home so it will suit you throughout your life.

You might also find the following practical tips helpful in making household tasks easier.

In the bedroom

In the kitchen

There are many gadgets to help people with pain or reduced strength and mobility with kitchen tasks. These include electric can openers, grip enhancers for taps, jars and utensils. You can find a list of suppliers on the Age Concern website.

In the laundry

In the garden


Also see the tips on Conserving energy.


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