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Cutting down on drinking

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Cutting down isn't easy. But you're not alone. There are lots of ways you can start making changes now. Some ideas are:

Getting help

The following people or organisations may be able to help if you are finding it difficult to cut down on your drinking.


If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

Alcohol drug helpline

You can call the Alcohol drug helpline on 0800‑787‑797 or txt 8681, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Alcohol drug helpline website includes information on alcohol and other drugs, problem identification, cultural resources, and online screening tools. You can also call the helpline if you are worried about a friend or family member's drinking.

The alcohol drug helpline has a Māori helpline (0800-787-798) and text service (8681) to provide culturally-appropriate support to Māori.

It also has a Pasifika helpline (0800-787-799) and text service (8681) to provide culturally-appropriate support to Pacific peoples.

Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Central Coordination Service

This Canterbury-based service can provide brief intervention, self-help information, support and education. It has links to all AOD treatment providers in Christchurch for individual counselling and intensive treatment programmes. To contact the service, call (03) 338‑4437 or email

Addictions Help

Addictions Help allows you to search for publicly funded alcohol, drug and gambling treatment agencies in your region.

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