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Canterbury High Risk Diabetic Foot Service

If you have diabetes, you can get free feet care from the Canterbury High Risk Diabetic Foot Service.

The funded service is for people with diabetes whose general practice team or diabetes nurse specialist refers them for a podiatry (feet and legs) assessment and who meet the criteria.

The service includes an annual assessment and up to three follow-up visits by a community podiatrist.

Criteria for the high-risk diabetic foot service

To meet the criteria for the service, you must have diabetes and:

What to expect

An appointment will be made for you with a podiatrist in a convenient location. You'll be able to bring a whānau (family) member or friend with you if you wish.

At this first assessment, the podiatrist will discuss your general health, diabetic control, mobility, footwear and general foot condition. You'll be able to ask questions and talk about managing your foot health.

If there is time, the podiatrist may provide treatment, such as removing any corns or calluses that could lead to broken, dead skin (ulceration).

If you have an ulcer, they may refer you to the hospital podiatrist for specialist wound care.

The Canterbury High Risk Diabetic Foot Service cannot provide orthotics, shoes or low-risk nail cutting.

Depending on your need and level of risk, you'll receive up to three follow-up appointments during the year. You can also pay for more appointments.

If you still meet the criteria at the end of the year, your podiatrist will arrange another assessment and more appointments.

If something changes

If you change your general practice, it's important to contact your podiatrist, as they may not be able to offer ongoing care (due to the way the service is funded).

If you want to change podiatrist, it's best to contact them first. More paperwork may be needed before you can get a funded appointment with a new podiatrist.

Written by Canterbury podiatrists. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created June 2023.


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