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Helping your teenager grieve

Grief is a natural and normal human response to losing something or someone important. It might be the loss of someone they love, the death of a pet or the break-up of an important relationship or friendship. It is a very individual process, and how one person grieves differ from others. There is no set time or way to do it.

Grieving and healing take as long as they take. For some people that could be weeks, for some, months and others longer still.

Grief may be particularly difficult for a teenager who may already be going through major emotional and physical changes as a result of puberty. Things you can do to help and support them may include things such as:

If you are concerned that your young person is taking a long time to start feeling better or their grief is overwhelming, it's a good idea to talk with them about contacting their doctor. Reassure them that talking to their doctor is confidential.

The pages below include lots of practical advice on ways you can help.

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