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Helping your teenager grieve

Grief is a natural and normal human response to losing something or someone important. It is a very individual process, and how one person grieves differ from others. There is no set time or way to do it – grieving and healing take as long as they take. For some that could be weeks, for some months and others longer still.

If you are worried that your young person is taking a very long time to start feeling better, or their behaviour or mood is getting in the way of their day-to-day life, it's important to talk with them and follow up with their doctor.

Most people don't need medication to help them recover from grief, but it's important to follow up any concerns you may have. Managing grief can also sometimes be easier and faster with professional support.

The pages below include lots of practical advice on ways you can help.

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Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created March 2016.


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