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Helping your teen develop safe drinking habits

Parents and teen drink wine with a mealParents and caregivers can have a positive influence on teenagers' relationship with alcohol. You can help them to develop healthy habits around alcohol in a number of ways including:

Concerns about drinking

If you are worried that a young person may be drinking too much, you could try to talk to them about your concerns. You could also encourage them to talk to their usual doctor. It might be reassuring for them to know that a doctor has to keep all information about their medical care private. If they would prefer to see another doctor and are in Christchurch, they can see one for free at Te Tahi Youth (phone (03) 943‑9298).

Manu Ka Rere (formerly CYMHS) is free for rangatahi (young people) aged 13 to 24 who may have mental health or alcohol and drug issues. The service provides short-term intervention, which includes assessment, treatment and support. It also coordinates and supports rangatahi and their whānau (families) to get longer term treatment if needed. Rangatahi can refer themselves to the service. A general practice team, counsellor, teacher or parent can also refer them.

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