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Breakfast ideas for children

Ētahi tīwhiri mō te kai parakuihi

Eating breakfast will give your children and whānau/family a good start to the day. Breakfast will give them energy to be active and learn better. Eating breakfast will also make it easier for your child to achieve or stay a healthy weight.

Making breakfast

Choose something from each of the following three groups:

Something filling – Go foods

Something lasting – Grow foods

Some colour – Glow foods
(fruit and vegetables)

Examples include:

Breakfast cereal


Wholegrain or wholemeal toast

Wholemeal pita bread



Examples include:

Low-fat milk (green or yellow top)

Low-fat soy milk


Reduced-fat milk (light blue top)

Baked beans


Peanut butter

Examples include:

Fresh fruit

Canned fruit

Frozen fruit such as grapes or berries



Breakfast ideas

Remember, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.

For more breakfast ideas and recipes see Breakfast ideas from Healthy Kids.

Choosing a breakfast cereal

Look at the nutrition information panel and aim for:

Good options include Weet-Bix and porridge.

Tips for children who will not eat breakfast

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