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Healthy breakfast ideas for children

Ētahi tīwhiri mō te kai parakuihi

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A healthy breakfast will give your child a good start to the day. Breakfast will give them energy to be active and learn better. Eating breakfast will also make it easier for your child to achieve or stay a healthy weight.

Making a healthy breakfast

Choose something from each of the following three groups:

Something filling

Something lasting

Important nutrients
(fruit and vegetables)

Examples include:

Breakfast cereal


Wholegrain toast

Wholemeal pita bread



Examples include:

Low-fat milk (green or yellow top)

Low-fat soy milk

Low-fat yoghurt

Reduced-fat milk (light blue top)

Baked beans


Peanut butter

Examples include:

Fresh fruit

Canned fruit in juice

Frozen fruit such as grapes or berries



Breakfast ideas

For more breakfast ideas and recipes see Breakfast ideas from My Family Food.

Choosing a healthy breakfast cereal

Look at the nutrition information panel and aim for less than 10 g fat and less than 15 g sugar per 100 g. If the cereal contains dried fruit you can go up to 25 g sugar per 100 g. Good options include Weet-Bix and porridge.

Tips for children who won't eat breakfast

Healthy breakfast smoothie (serves one)



  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.


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