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Getting back into community-based activities

Whakahokia ki ngā mahi hapori

Getting back into meaningful activities after an illness, injury or surgery can sometimes be difficult. Yet it's important that you do so. This can even help your recovery.

Taking part in meaningful activity is good for you. If you aren't sure what activities you can take part in, talk to your general practice team or occupational therapist.

There are many ways to get back into community activities.

Avoiding isolation

Volunteer GroupSatisfying and interesting activities can improve your health. The activities could be work, volunteering, sport, keeping active or creative hobbies. They could also be time with children, holidays or outings.

Spending time doing interesting activities with other people has many positive benefits. It can create a network of caring friends and improve your confidence. It can also stimulate your mind, give you more energy and provide some structure to your week.

Give yourself time for the things that give you pleasure and make you feel healthier. Talk to family and friends about changes you would like to make to your life.

Getting involved with community groups

There are many activities available in the community. You may have interests that you would like to develop or explore. These may be things you've done before or new things you would like to try. Think about:

Find out about groups from:

Strategies for joining new groups

People enjoying learning in a social groupIt's common to feel nervous about trying something different. If you feel anxious about joining a new group, there are several strategies you can follow.

Getting to activities

There are also several options for getting to activities.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed December 2022.


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