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Diabetes equipment

Taputapu mate huka

A person's hands using a blood glucose meterKeeping your diabetes under control can mean using and keeping track of different medications and equipment. If you have problems with any of the equipment, contact your general practice team for advice.

If you need to replace your insulin pens or need help with your equipment, visit your local pharmacy. If it's after hours, go to your local after-hours clinic for help. As long as you already know how to use your insulin pen correctly, you can get a replacement. Manufacturers do not charge for insulin pens so you shouldn't have to pay for a replacement at the pharmacy.

Insulin and glucagon are only available with a prescription. If you need help learning to use glucagon, see Guidelines for giving glucagon. If you're having a hypo and your glucagon is not working, call 111 for an ambulance.

List of monitoring equipment

List of insulin and insulin equipment

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