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Caring for yourself at home with COVID-19

If you've been diagnosed with COVID-19, it's understandable to feel worried about yourself and your whānau/family.

It's important to remember that 85% of people with COVID-19 will only have mild to moderate symptoms. These people will recover without needing any medical treatment. Around 15% of people will be more unwell.

Community & Public Health will contact you if your COVID-19 test is positive or if they think you're a probable case. They'll talk to you about isolating at home and they'll contact you daily to check how you're getting on. If they think you're getting more unwell, they'll make sure you get the medical attention you need.

Think about the following things to make sure you can look after yourself at home safely.

Symptoms of COVID-19


Call 111 if you have any of these symptoms and tell the operator that you have COVID-19:

COVID-19 infection can cause many different symptoms. The symptoms can also change as the illness runs its course. Some people suddenly become more unwell around day seven to 12 of the illness. It takes two to four weeks for most people to recover from COVID-19.

It's helpful to keep a diary of your symptoms. Note down anything you're feeling and try to compare how you're feeling today with the previous one or two days.

Ask yourself:

If you think you're getting more unwell, don’t wait for Community & Public Health to call you. Seek medical advice immediately. Call your GP or phone Healthline on 0800-358-5453 if you don't have a GP.

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