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Eating well with diabetes

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Eating healthy food is an important part of managing your diabetes.

Eating well with diabetes doesn't mean you need to eat different food from your family. However, you do need to know how much carbohydrate, and what types of carbohydrate are in your food, as these will directly affect your blood sugar levels.

You should base your meals on the Diabetes New Zealand healthy plate model, shown in the picture on the right.

This means eating starchy carbohydrates, lean meat, fish, or eggs, and plenty of vegetables, in the right portions as shown on the plate. You also need some fruit, low-fat dairy products, and healthy oils.

You may want to consult a dietitian to help you develop an eating plan that suits your lifestyle and manages your diabetes. A dietitian can also help you to lose weight if you need to.

Food and activity record

Your doctor, nurse or dietitian may ask you to keep a food and activity record. This will help them to check that your food choices are right for you and your level of activity.

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Written by Christchurch Diabetes Centre dietitians. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed February 2017. Last updated March 2019.


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