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What is alcohol-related harm?

Alcohol-related harm is the negative effects of drinking. The negative effects include well-known health issues such as:

The World Health Organisation links over 200 diseases with alcohol use, including stroke and many types of cancer.

Injuries are also strongly linked to alcohol use. This includes injuries resulting from car accidents and assaults.

Some social and economic problems are closely linked to alcohol use. These include family violence, crime, absenteeism from work, and financial hardship. Alcohol-related harm cost the taxpayer $63 million in Canterbury in 2011.

The harm to others from alcohol use is called the second-hand effects of alcohol.

The Canterbury DHB is committed to reducing the burden of alcohol in Canterbury. You can read evidence-based information about alcohol-related harm in its position statement on alcohol. Helping reduce harm from alcohol describes some of the work the Canterbury DHB is doing to help reduce alcohol-related harm.

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