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31 May

Boils & skin abscesses – A new page about boils and skin abscesses, including how to treat them and how to prevent them.

27 May

Teen and young adult health – The section has been reviewed and updated with mostly minor changes. Some Teen and young adult health pages have been edited to make them more general and taken out of the Teen and young adult health section. These are Anger management, Body image, Drugs & reducing your risks from taking drugs, Grief & loss and Relationships.

14 May

Mastitis (inflamed breasts) – The page has been updated due to changes in how mastitis is prevented and managed.

9 May

Online mobility action programme for osteoarthritis – A new page about the online mobility action programme for osteoarthritis that people can participate in at home using Zoom.

8 May

Bowel Cancer, Bowel Polyps, Colonoscopy and Incidental Pancreatic Lesions – These sections and pages have been reviewed and updated with mostly minor changes but added emphasis on the National Bowel Screening Programme.

7 May

Teeth grinding – New pages about teeth grinding and self-care for teeth grinding.

1 May

Eating disorders, Mental illness during & after pregnancy and Getting help for a mental health issue – These sections have all be reviewed and updated with the latest information, including current support organisation details.

23 April

Moisturisers (emollients) – A new page about moisturisers, including what types there are and how to user them.

17 April

Concussion in adults – A new page about concussion in adults, including symptoms and treatment.

Frailty in older people – A new page about frailty, including what it means, risk factors, self-care and getting help.

Hidradenitis suppurativa – A new page about the long-term skin condition hidradenitis suppurativa, including symptoms, diagnosis, self-care and treatment.

26 March

Driving for older people – A new page has been developed with information about driving safely for older people, the medical certificate needed at age 75 and other transport options for people who can no longer drive.

Keeping active – The Keeping active section has been reviewed and tidied up with mostly minor changes.

20 March

Abortion (termination) – The page has been updated with current information. It now follows the process described on the National Abortion Telehealth Service DECIDE website.

11 March

Glue ear – The page has been reviewed and updated. The previous page about diagnosing and treating glue ear has been combined with the main page.

24 January

Eating well – The following pages have been reviewed and updated with mostly minor changes: Dietitians, Reading food labels, Support for food costs, Eating well videos and Finding out if I am a healthy weight.

21 December

Stress, Suicide help and Suicide & young people – These sections have been reviewed and updated. They have mostly had minor changes, but the information about how to contact local mental health crisis teams has been made clearer.

Toe walking and Exercises for toe walking – New pages about toe walking in children, including causes, diagnosing and treating. Also activities, games and exercises for treating toe walking.

14 December

Head injuries in adults – A new printable page has replaced the old page, Brain injury & concussion in adults.

Spinal injuries – A new section with information about spinal injuries, including causes, types of injuries and treatment.

13 December

Stomach pain in early pregnancy – A new page about possible causes of stomach pain in early pregnancy and what to do about it.

7 December

Antidepressants – A new series of pages about antidepressants, including what they are, different types, side effects and how to stop taking them. There are also new pages about mood stabilisers and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Coeliac disease – The section has been reviewed with mostly minor changes.

Pancreatic cancer – A new page about pancreatic cancer including risk factors for getting it, symptoms and how it is diagnosed and treated.

5 December

Nausea & vomiting in adults – A new page about nausea and vomiting, including self-care.

Vaginal dryness and Using vaginal moisturisers & lubricants – A new page about vaginal dryness, including symptoms, causes, self-care and getting help. Also, a new page about using vaginal moisturisers and lubricants.

28 November

Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)

Speech & communication difficulties

These sections have been reviewed and updated. Some pages have been rewritten and expanded. There are new pages about Communication development ages & stages and Tips for helping your child's communication skills.

14 November

Iron – The section has been reviewed and updated with mainly minor changes.

3 November

Tube feeding for children – A set of new pages about tube feeding for children. Includes information about tube feeding with a gastrostomy tube and tube feeding with a nasogastric or nasojejunal tube.


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