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What's new on HealthInfo?

30 September

Sudden unexpected death in infancy – The page has been renamed and reviewed with more detailed information.

24 September

Assault & abuse – The section has been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

24 September

Water-based exercises – A new page with details about water-based exercises that people can do to help recover from an injury, live with a long-term condition or start getting more active.

19 September

Brain & nerves– The section has been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

13 September

Feet & foot problems – The whole section has been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

3 September

Vaping to quit smoking – New page.

14 August

CPE (carbapenemase‑producing enterobacteriaceae) – A new page about the antibiotic-resistant infection CPE.

Skin decolonisation – Renamed from Staphylococcus decolonisation and updated to cover antibiotic-resistant infections.

12 August

Sleep – The entire section has been reviewed and updated.

26 July

Disability & mobility aids – The entire section has been reviewed and updated.

23 July

Getting back into work or study – A new page about getting back into work or study, and includes information about the Step Up and Live Life programmes.

Safe sleeping for babies – The page has been reviewed with more detailed information about P.E.P.E. and advice included.

10 July

Smart snacking for adults – A new page with tips for healthy snacking, and a recipe for hummus.

5 July

Depression in older adults – The section has been reviewed, condensed to one page, and linked to the main depression pages.

Diabetes – Entire section overhauled and updated.

Loneliness and social isolation – A new page about loneliness social isolation in older people.

3 July

Respite care for older people – The section has been reviewed and updated.

Support and services for older people – Entire section was reviewed and updated. The information about needs assessment has been clarified.

25 June

Elder abuse – The page was reviewed and updated with more detail and an informative Age Concern video.

21 June

Bleeding in early pregnancy – New page about how to respond to spotting or light vaginal bleeding, and moderate vaginal bleeding, in early pregnancy.

14 June

Depression – Depression in Adults section reviewed and resources consolidated, outdated pages Exercise in Depression and Depression in Men removed.

Nurses – New page on nursing roles and responsibilities.

4 June

Group education on the low-FODMAP diet – New page about dietitian-led group education for adults with irritable bowel syndrome in Christchurch.

30 May

Falls – Section reviewed, including removed the services page, added videos, added new page on how to get up after a fall.

Retirement villages & rest homes – The entire section has been reviewed and updated.

29 May

Diabetes group education classes – The page has been updated with course dates for 2019.

24 May

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – this section has been reviewed and updated with the latest information.

9 May

Gender identity – A new section about gender identity. It includes information about transgender people and gender identity in children and youth.

8 May

Fertility problems – The page has been reviewed, the title updated from "Fertility", and up‑to‑date links added.

The Mediterranean diet – New page containing tips on how to follow the Mediterranean diet.

24 April

Eating well for good health – New page to replace Eating well and keeping active for good health. The new page is just about eating well.

4 April

Dietary suggestions for swallowing difficulties – The page has been reviewed and updated with new IDDSI fact sheets.

30 March

DHB-funded physiotherapy treatment – New page with details of specially-funded treatment for some people.

28 March

Cellulitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and Funny turns or fainting – These pages have been reviewed and updated.

11 March

Knee pain in children and Bone pain in children – New pages with advice including causes, symptoms, treatment and when to see a health professional.

7 February

Sexually transmitted infections – The section has been reviewed and updated with up-to-date information.

5 February

Contraception & sterilisation – The section has been reviewed and updated with up-to-date information.

2 February

Mobility action programme for osteoarthritis – An updated page about the mobility action programme for osteoarthritis being run by Canterbury DHB with Ara Institute of Canterbury and Green Prescription.

25 January

Rheumatic fever & rheumatic heart disease – The page has been updated with more information about who has a higher risk of getting rheumatic fever, how it's treated and how to prevent it.

24 January

Diverticular disease & diverticulitis – The section has been updated with information about surgical treatment, and eating guidelines for managing the condition.

Hernia - Full review of hernia pages, with additional information about types of hernia, surgical treatment, and recovery.

23 January

Haemorrhoids (piles) – Page updated with information about symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical and non-surgical treatment.

17 January

Gallbladder & gallstones – Page updated with information about symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical and non-surgical treatment.

16 January

Appendicitis – Page updated with information about symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Acute Admission to General Surgery – New page about admission to the Surgical Assessment Review Area (SARA) at Christchurch Hospital.

9 January

Anal fissure (tear) – Page updated with new information about causes, symptoms and surgical, and non-surgical treatment options.

Anorectal abscess – Page updated with new information about causes, symptoms, and surgical treatment.

Heart failure – Full review, with new formatting, information and video content about prevention and treatment.

Pilonidal disease – Page updated with new information about causes, symptoms and surgical, and non-surgical treatment options.

21 December

Meningitis & meningococcal disease – The section has been extensively updated and now has separate pages for meningitis and meningococcal disease.

19 December

Breast pain – Updated, with more information about causes of breast pain and treatment.

Breast screening (mammography) – Updated, with latest screening information.

18 December

Self-care after breast cancer – New page about looking after yourself after breast cancer. It includes simple healthy living steps, and information about prevention and screening.

13 December

Breast lumps – The previous simple page has been replaced by a new section about different types of breast lumps and what you should do if you find a lump in your breast.

Breast surgery – New pages have been added about breast biopsy, duct excision, lumpectomy and mastectomy. Therapeutic mammoplasty has been updated.

General surgical risk – New page about the risk of complications during and after surgical procedures.

Glandular fever – Updated and reformatted with additional advice about management.

11 December

Foot problems & care in older adults – Updated with addition of age-related conditions and management tips.

6 December

Head lice & nits – This is a new page about head lice & nits. It talks about what head lice and nits are, what causes them and how they're treated.

Keeping your home warm & dry – Updated links section with new links.

29 November

Funny turns or fainting – The page has been updated with more information about what causes fainting and funny turns, and what to do if someone faints.

Scabies – This is a new section about scabies and how to go about getting rid of scabies from the household.

26 November

Disability support services for Pacific Peoples – A new page with links to guides about disability support services in several Pacific languages.

21 November

Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery – Updated with new information about criteria and gastric band surgery.

15 November

Addiction & substance abuse – A new section about drug and alcohol addiction, including how to help yourself, how to get help, and how to support someone else.

8 October

Free GP care for resettled refugees – New page outlining access to free GP visits for resettled refugees.

30 October

Patient surgical journey videos – Video telling you what to expect when you go into hospital for surgery. One version of the video is in English and one has Te Reo Māori subtitles.

Teeth and Mouth – Full review of teeth and mouth pages, with updates to service information, and new pages about dental health in older people, and common dental problems.

25 October

Reading in Mind book scheme – Updated to include information about the new website, updated image to include a link to the service.

18 October

Mental health professionals – A new page explaining what different types of mental health professionals do and how to find them.

16 October

Anxiety in children – This is a new section about anxiety in children, including how parents can help their child and where they can get help.

Mental wellbeing – The section has been revised and expanded with information to help keep you mentally well.

Helping myself with mental wellbeing – This is a new page about self-care for mental wellbeing and where to go for help.

12 October

Healthy eating information – The complete section has been reviewed and updated.

27 September

Lactose intolerance – Minor updates to symptoms.

How to manage lactose intolerance – Inclusion of information about lactose-free yoghurt, and daily quantities of lactose.

13 September

High cholesterol – Updated with new formatting and links.

My Medicines – A new page about the My Medicines website with easy-to-understand information about medicines used in New Zealand.

Water labour and birth – A new page about water labour and birth in a birthing pool. Includes information about benefits and risks.

10 September

Helplines for mental health issues – A new page with a list of helplines for adults and young people who need help for mental help issues. The page is also formatted as a printable factsheet.

22 August

Multiple pregnancy – Changes to the multiple pregnancy section, including the addition of the following new pages: Eating and lifestyle guidelines for multiple pregnancy, Nutrients and supplements for multiple pregnancy, Coping with symptoms in multiple pregnancy.

16 August

Staphylococcus skin infections – The section has been reviewed and the pages Preventing & treating Staphylococcal skin infections and Staphylococcus decolonisation have been updated.

8 August

Personalised care plans – A new page about how personalised care plans can benefit people with complicated or long-term health problems.

2 August

The Prostate section has been reviewed and updated. It includes an updated page about Prostate surgery, an updated section about Prostate cancer including Prostate biopsy and Treating prostate cancer, and an updated section about Urinary catheters.

1 August

Blood vessels – This is a new section on HealthInfo. It has information about problems with arteries and veins, including tests and treatments.

31 July

Interpreting services and Interpreter cards – This section contains cards that people can print or download to their mobile phones to request an interpreter for their medical appointment.

19 July

Antibiotic-resistant infections – The section, which includes information about ESBL, MRSA and VRE, has been reviewed and updated.

18 July

Organ & tissue donation – A new page about organ and tissue donation, including information about deceased donations and living donations.

12 July

Update of the Allergies section, including substantial changes and reformatting.


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