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26 March

New pages about COVID-19 – Community-based assessment centres and COVID-19 – Public message about medicines supply.

20 March

Probiotics – A new page explaining the benefits of probiotics and how to choose a probiotic supplement.

17 March

After-hours medical care in Ashburton – A new page with details of general practices and pharmacies in Ashburton that have extended hours.

6 March

Hormones – The section has been reviewed and updated with the latest information.

26 February

Eating well for strong healthy bones – This updated page has replaced the old version called How to get your daily calcium.

20 February

Blood tests & laboratory information and Scans, X-rays & nuclear medicine – Has been reviewed and updated.

3 February

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) – Frequently updated information about COVID-19 including how to prevent its spread, self-isolation, testing, treating and staying well.

Mobility action plan for osteoarthritis – Updated with new information about the MAP programme including a video.

30 January

Eating well for mood and mental wellbeing – A new page explaining how what you eat affects your mood and giving advice about eating well to improve your mood.

11 December

At-risk breast cancer screening – Updated with latest information.

11 December

Managing diabetes when you are sick – A new page about managing your diabetes when you're unwell.

10 December

Anxiety in youth & teens – Overhaul of section to include more content around the condition and self care.

10 December

Conserving energy, Fatigue, Getting back into community-based activities, Managing everyday activities, Occupational therapists and Workplace wellness have been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

7 November

Bladder, kidney, & urinary system – The Urinary system sub-section has been restructured and has had a major update. Other pages updated include Bladder cancer, Kidney Stones & renal colic, Pyelonephritis (Kidney Infection) and the Testicles & scrotum sub-section.

Emergencies & first aid – The whole section has been reviewed and updated. It includes updated pages about Calling 111 for an ambulance and After-hours medical care. Most of the pages in the First aid section have also been updated.

23 October

Quarantine & isolation – A new page about what it means to be put in quarantine or isolation. Includes advice about what you should and shouldn't do if you're in isolation.

30 September

Sudden unexpected death in infancy – The page has been renamed and reviewed with more detailed information.

24 September

Assault & abuse – The section has been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

24 September

Water-based exercises – A new page with details about water-based exercises that people can do to help recover from an injury, live with a long-term condition or start getting more active.

19 September

Brain & nerves – The section has been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

13 September

Feet & foot problems – The whole section has been reviewed and updated with minor changes.

3 September

Vaping to quit smoking – New page.

14 August

CPE (carbapenemase‑producing enterobacteriaceae) – A new page about the antibiotic-resistant infection CPE.

Skin decolonisation – Renamed from Staphylococcus decolonisation and updated to cover antibiotic-resistant infections.

12 August

Sleep – The entire section has been reviewed and updated.

26 July

Disability & mobility aids – The entire section has been reviewed and updated.

23 July

Getting back into work or study – A new page about getting back into work or study, and includes information about the Step Up and Live Life programmes.

Safe sleeping for babies – The page has been reviewed with more detailed information about P.E.P.E. and advice included.

10 July

Smart snacking for adults – A new page with tips for healthy snacking, and a recipe for hummus.

5 July

Depression in older adults – The section has been reviewed, condensed to one page, and linked to the main depression pages.

Diabetes – Entire section overhauled and updated.

Loneliness and social isolation – A new page about loneliness social isolation in older people.

3 July

Respite care for older people – The section has been reviewed and updated.

Support and services for older people – Entire section was reviewed and updated. The information about needs assessment has been clarified.

25 June

Elder abuse – The page was reviewed and updated with more detail and an informative Age Concern video.

21 June

Bleeding in early pregnancy – New page about how to respond to spotting or light vaginal bleeding, and moderate vaginal bleeding, in early pregnancy.

14 June

Depression – Depression in Adults section reviewed and resources consolidated, outdated pages Exercise in Depression and Depression in Men removed.

Nurses – New page on nursing roles and responsibilities.

4 June

Group education on the low-FODMAP diet – New page about dietitian-led group education for adults with irritable bowel syndrome in Christchurch.

30 May

Falls – Section reviewed, including removed the services page, added videos, added new page on how to get up after a fall.

Retirement villages & rest homes – The entire section has been reviewed and updated.

29 May

Diabetes group education classes – The page has been updated with course dates for 2019.

24 May

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – this section has been reviewed and updated with the latest information.

9 May

Gender identity – A new section about gender identity. It includes information about transgender people and gender identity in children and youth.

8 May

Fertility problems – The page has been reviewed, the title updated from "Fertility", and up‑to‑date links added.

The Mediterranean diet – New page containing tips on how to follow the Mediterranean diet.

24 April

Eating well for good health – New page to replace Eating well and keeping active for good health. The new page is just about eating well.


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