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Something in an ear

People, especially children, often put things in their ears, and it can often be difficult to get them out. It's very important not to do anything that could push the object further into their ear.

How do I know if someone has something in their ear?

If someone has an object or insect in their ear you may be able to see something when you look. As well, they may:


Don't put anything in the person's ear to try to get the object out, unless you can clearly see it and it easily comes out when pulled. DO NOT reach inside the ear canal with tweezers.

How can I help someone who has something in their ear?

Object in earIf they have an object in their ear:

If they have an insect in their ear:

When to seek medial help

See a doctor if none of the steps mentioned above are successful, and the object or insect remains in the ear. You should also see a doctor if:

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