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Emergency help


If someone has stopped breathing or collapsed, phone 111 and ask for an ambulance.

If someone is a threat to themselves or someone else, phone 111 and ask for the police.

Then follow the advice on these pages.

Medical emergencies

Anaphylaxis (severe allergy)

Asthma attack (adults)

Asthma attack (children)

Breathing difficulties


Chest pain


CPR adult & child, CPR infant

Diabetes – low blood sugar


Drug overdose

Heart attack

Heavy bleeding




Unconscious but breathing


For information on where to find after-hours healthcare see Emergency & after-hours medical care

For less urgent medical first aid, see First aid topics.

Mental health emergencies

If you need mental health support urgently, please call the West Coast Mental Health Crisis Team on 0800‑757‑678 (24 hours, seven days a week).

Psychotic episode

Suicide help

Suicide help, young people

Personal safety emergency

Child abuse & neglect

Sexual assault


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Information provided by the Canterbury DHB. Adapted by the West Coast DHB. Page created January 2017.

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