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Youth & teen health


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Where to go for help (youth & teens)


Addiction in youth & teens

Alcohol use in youth & teens

Anger in youth & teens

Anxiety in youth & teens

Asthma in youth & teens

Body image & weight in youth & teens


Cancer in youth & teens

Confidentiality (health privacy) for youth & teens

Depression in youth & teens

Diabetes in children & teens

Drug use in youth & teens

Eating disorders

Emotional & physical abuse (youth & teens)

Family violence

Gambling information for youth & teens

Glandular fever

Grief information for youth & teens

Healthy eating information for youth and teens

HPV & cervical cancer vaccine (Gardasil)

Mental health information for youth and teens

Oral health for teenagers

Penis & testicles


Personal hygiene

Physical activity & exercise, for youth & teens

Piercing & tattoos

PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Psychosis & young people


Relationships in youth & teens


Sexual harm of youth & teens

Sexual health for teenagers

Sexual orientation & gender identity

Sleep advice for teens

Smoking information for youth & teens

Stress in youth & teens

Suicide and young people

Heat & sun injuries

Support agencies, services, useful websites for teenagers

Vulva & vaginal care

Your rights

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