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What's new on HealthInfo?

11 April

Knee pain in children and Bone pain in children – New pages with advice including causes, symptoms, treatment and when to see a health professional.

Personalised care plans – A new page about how personalised care plans can benefit people with complicated or long-term health problems.

15 February

Anal fissure (tear) – Page updated with new information about causes, symptoms and surgical, and non-surgical treatment options.

Appendicitis – Page updated with information about symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Diverticular disease & diverticulitis – The section has been updated with information about surgical treatment, and eating guidelines for managing the condition.

Gallbladder & gallstones – Page updated with information about symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Hernia - Full review of hernia pages, with additional information about types of hernia, surgical treatment, and recovery.

Rheumatic fever & rheumatic heart disease – The page has been updated with more information about who has a higher risk of getting rheumatic fever, how it's treated and how to prevent it.

25 January

Anorectal abscess – Page updated with new information about causes, symptoms, and surgical treatment.

Haemorrhoids (piles) – Page updated with information about symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Pilonidal disease – Page updated with new information about causes, symptoms and surgical, and non-surgical treatment options.

17 January

Mental wellbeing – The section has been revised and expanded with information to help keep you mentally well.

The Prostate section has been reviewed and updated. It includes an updated page about Prostate surgery, an updated section about Prostate cancer including Prostate biopsy and Treating prostate cancer, and an updated section about Urinary catheters.

11 January

Addiction & substance abuse – A new section about drug and alcohol addiction, including how to help yourself, how to get help, and how to support someone else.

Meningitis & meningococcal disease – The section has been extensively updated and now has separate pages for meningitis and meningococcal disease.

10 January

Self-care after breast cancer – New page about looking after yourself after breast cancer. It includes simple healthy living steps, and information about prevention and screening.

21 December

Breast pain – Updated, with more information about causes of breast pain and treatment.

Breast screening (mammography) – Updated, with latest screening information.

20 December

Anxiety in children – This is a new section about anxiety in children, including how parents can help their child and where they can get help.

18 December

Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery – Updated with new information about criteria and gastric band surgery.

Disability support services for Pacific Peoples – A new page with links to guides about disability support services in several Pacific languages.

Foot problems & care in older adults – Updated with addition of age-related conditions and management tips.

Head lice & nits – This is a new page about head lice & nits. It talks about what head lice and nits are, what causes them and how they're treated.

14 December

Glandular fever – Updated and reformatted with additional advice about management.

General surgical risk – New page about the risk of complications during and after surgical procedures.

27 November

Multiple pregnancy – Changes to the multiple pregnancy section, including the addition of the following new pages: Eating and lifestyle guidelines for multiple pregnancy, Nutrients and supplements for multiple pregnancy, Coping with symptoms in multiple pregnancy.

8 November

Patient surgical journey videos – Video telling you what to expect when you go into hospital for surgery. One version of the video is in English and one has Te Reo Māori subtitles.

7 November

About mental illness during & after pregnancy – Updated to include information about PADA.

Mental health professionals – A new page explaining what different types of mental health professionals do and how to find them.

18 October

Water labour and birth – A new page about water labour and birth in a birthing pool. Includes information about benefits and risks.

12 October

Helplines for mental health issues – A new page with a list of helplines for adults and young people who need help for mental help issues. The page is also formatted as a printable factsheet.

09 October

High cholesterol – Updated with new formatting and links.

09 October

Lactose intolerance – Minor updates to symptoms.

How to manage lactose intolerance – Inclusion of information about lactose-free yoghurt, and daily quantities of lactose.

05 October

Synacthen test – Updated, including changes to the procedure and contact details.

03 October

Breast cancer – This is a new section with comprehensive information about breast cancer including who's at risk, how it's diagnosed and how it's treated. It replaces the single links page that was there before.

20 September

Antibiotic-resistant infections – The section, which includes information about ESBL, MRSA and VRE, has been reviewed and updated.

25 July

Organ & tissue donation – A new page about organ and tissue donation, including information about deceased donations and living donations.

24 July

Update of the Allergies section, including substantial changes and reformatting.

13 July

As part of a major review, 30 infectious diseases pages have been updated.

12 July

The Breastfeeding section has been updated with new information, and rewritten to make it easier to understand.

Heart – This section has been reviewed and updated with changes to the following pages: Atrial fibrillation (AF), Heart murmurs & heart valve problems in adults, High blood pressure tests and diagnosis, Living with high blood pressure, and Infective endocarditis.

Tube feeding – A new section about tube feeding, or enteral feeding, where a special liquid formula (also called feed) goes through a feeding tube into your stomach or small intestine.

22 June

Blood in the urine (haematuria) – Updates to wording around GP considering causes and test results.

Notifiable diseases and hazard reporting – This is a new page about disease and hazard reporting. Health professionals are required by law to tell public health authorities about certain diseases, and injuries caused by certain substances.

19 June

Stroke – The section has been reviewed and updated with information about the causes of stroke and the prevention of stroke.

Testicular & scrotal problems in boys – This section has been reviewed and updated with new pages about Sudden (acute) scrotum pain in boys, Hydrocele and Inguinal hernia in children.


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