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Urinary incontinence in women

Bladder control problems are common in women. Two out of three women with urinary incontinence don't seek help because they don't think anything can be done. This is not the case. There are things you can do to help yourself, and there are treatments available. If you are struggling with incontinence you should see your GP for assessment and advice.

The District Nursing Service provides continence advice. It provides support, assessment and products for people with continence issues. Your GP can refer you, but you can also contact the service directly using the following phone numbers:

District Nursing service provider



Karamea Health Clinic

Rural nurse specialist

(03) 782-6710

Buller District Nursing Service

District nurse

(03) 788-9277

Ngakawau Health Centre

Rural nurse specialist

(03) 788-5063

Reefton Health Centre

Rural nurse specialist

(03) 732-6440

Greymouth District Nursing Service

District nurse

(03) 769-7721

Moana/Otira Rural Clinic

Rural nurse specialist

(03) 738-0003

Hokitika District Nursing Service

District nurse

(03) 756-9906

South Westland Area Practice

Rural nurse specialists

(03) 752-0700

If your call goes to voicemail, leave a message. The nurses check the voicemail daily.

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