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Pulmonary rehabilitation programme

If you have a breathing problem, this programme can help you to improve you breathing and fitness. The programme does this through education and exercise. This is called pulmonary rehabilitation.

People with breathlessness lose fitness. The programme teaches you to manage your breathing through gentle movement and exercise.

If you have COPD and are breathless when doing any activity, pulmonary rehabilitation could benefit you greatly. It is at least as effective as any medication you inhale.

The programme is tailored specifically to your needs and is designed to increase your independence and make it easier to take part in physical and social activities. It can reduce your symptoms, improve your quality of life, make it easier to do everyday activities, and cut back your need to visit the doctor as often.

Ask your nurse or GP to refer you to the programme.

Information provided by the Canterbury DHB. Adapted by the West Coast DHB. Page created July 2016.

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