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Money matters in pregnancy

Maternity care funding

Maternity care is free for New Zealand citizens, women with permanent residency, those who have a work permit and are able to stay for two years, and those who are eligible in another way (see the full set of criteria). If you are not eligible, but your partner is, your maternity-related services may be publicly funded. Babies born in New Zealand are eligible for free care if their mother is eligible for free maternity care. If you are not sure whether you are entitled to free maternity care, call freephone 0800 686 223.

Paid parental leave entitlements

Paid parental leave is a government-funded entitlement paid to eligible working mothers and adoptive parents when they take parental leave from their job(s) to care for their newborn or adopted child (under the age of six).

See Paid parental leave.

Working for Families

You may be entitled to tax credits from the Government to help with the costs of raising children.

See Working for Families and Working for Families Tax Credit.

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