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Long Term Conditions Pharmacy Service

FDP pills and medicineThe Long Term Condition Pharmacy Service is a free service for people who:

Community pharmacists help these people manage their medications, so that they remember to take the right dose of the right medicines at the right time. Pharmacists work out who is eligible for the service, based on their condition, and how well they have been keeping to their medication schedule.

How does the pharmacist help me take my medicines properly?

If you are eligible for the Long Term Conditions Pharmacy Service, the pharmacist can help you to manage your medicines by:

The pharmacist may also provide other services, but will charge you for them. The other services include:

How do I get on the Long Term Conditions Pharmacy Service?

Speak to your pharmacist or your GP. The pharmacist with assess whether you are eligible for the service by:

There are a limited number of places on the programme, so there may be a delay before you can go on it.

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